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Tips for Short Girls to Appear Taller Instantly

Height determine the personality of the girls. Being short is cute and attractive too, but if you are in job and need to lead other there is the need of height to follow you properly.

As honesty is needed to grew up in your job,power is also needed to grew up in your job position.Here tall equals power.That’s the way the world work.People do not take you seriously  in first impression if you do not have enough height though you are good in your job.

We all know that we cannot change our height but we can apply some tricks to see taller actually we are.  Here are some of the different tricks and tips for short girls to appear taller instantly

1: Shoes

a Wear nude shoes

Nude shoes are elongate your legs and it is pointed too which brings extra length to your leg. Wear a shoes pointed in the front and low cut in the finger sides so that your legs looks slimmer .The shoes have a  nice slim hills too.For details show picture below.

b Wear a high hill.

Wear a nice and comfortable  high hill shoes according to your dress you wear so that you look taller actually you are. The trick is to cover your hill from your pant so that you look taller.

c   Wear your shoes  colour  similar with your dress or skin

When you wear shoes similar to your dress or your skin your legs looks long and looks you taller.

2: Wear  one colour dress

Wearing a one colour dress all over  is great for short people and gives a unified pattern and brings great elusion in your height.It’s looks super simple and really looks chic.It will create a perfect canvas  to show off your favourite new accessories.

3: Throw the big bags

Carrying a big bag reduces your  height and it does not work well as per your precaution too.SO carry a slim bag or hand bag which does  not brings barrier in your height.

4: Wear stripes

Wearing a dress having strips brings focus  to the eyes.So if you want focus on long elongate legs, wear a vertical stripes dress in your leg.Vertical stripes draw a  focus line up to down and vice versa in your  eyes.

5: Wear  high waisted and wider pant.

High waist button  whether skinny  jeans pant or skirt makes looks your leg long from the length of toe to your waist line. This makes you look taller.Try pairing your high waisted skirt ,paints or shorts with crop top.This will  make your torso appear shorter which will elongate your legs, especially with high waisted button.

6: Makes your hair up

Making your  hair up show off your neck line long and looks  you taller.

7: Puff your hair

Making puff in front of your head increase the length of your height and looks you taller.You can make puff in the pony tail too.

8: Wear a thin belt in your dress

Wearing a thin belt when ever you can makes your leg really long and looks taller.

9: Wear maxi dress

Wearing maxi dress increase the length  of your height.It is looks super simple  and comfortable too. But you should maintain the proportion in your dress. Maxi dress enhance the length of your  leg.

10: Wear V neckline

Tops with V neck line looks you longer  and liner.

11: Chokers

Wearing chokers shows focus on your neckline and enhance the length  of your  height.Look for the thin chokers that sit on the collarbone or little below so that peoples focus on the upper half of your body.

12: Add Embellishments

Adding embellishment in the neck line or back part of your cloth looks great for women .It gives focus on your neckline and enhance the length of your height.

13:  Shorts

Shorts shows  the legs line and enhance  the length of the leg. Try long top with shorts.A black mini skirt is the basic that never goes out of style.


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