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Glycerine for Healthy, Long and Shiny Hair

Glycerine for soft strong and healthy hair.

Glycerine is an odorless chemical that is used to lock the moisture in the skin and hair. It is the thick transparent liquid which is easily dissolved with water and also absorbs water from the surroundings. That is how it is the excellent ingredient for all skin and hair products. All the cosmetic products contain glycerine like in  lotion, Moisturizer, Shampoo and Soap.

Glycerine for soft strong and healthy hair.

Here are the some of the uses of Glycerine are:

1: Deep conditioner

Glycerine locks the moisture in the dry hair and prevents it from breakage, fizzy and split ends. Apply glycerine in your hair for 1 hour before going to the bath or you can apply before going to bed and take a bath in the next morning  for supple moisturize hair. For optimum soft and moisture hair you can add water in the glycerine and apply on your hair.  Mixture of Water and Glycerine gives ample benefits of the dry hair.

2: Maintenance of length of Hair

Glycerine makes the hair soft and healthy. Only the healthy hair can grow faster and reach the require length. Glycerine prevents the hair from split ends, breakage and dry and thus optimize the hair growth.

3: Maintenance of Frizzy  Hair

Due to lack of moisture in the hair, it gets frizzy, dry and damage. Apply glycerine  in your hair regularly before your bath or before  you go to bed and wash your hair in the next morning. The overnight application of glycerine makes your hair, ample moisture and prevents your hair from frizzy.

4: Prevents breakage and split ends

Due to dry and rough hair, there are the breakage and split ends. Apply glycerine regularly in your before washing your hair and gets a breakage and split ends free hair.

5: Treatment of Dandruff

Most of the time we see dandruff and flaky scalp in winter due to a dry environment.So the treatment of it is most. Glycerine has soothing properties that create a cooling effect on the scalp. Applying glycerine  on the regular basis help to eliminate dry, flaky scalp and dandruff from your hair because of glycerine  cooling effects on scalp.

6:Treatment of Itchy Scalp

During winter season skin gets dry and start itch, Like wise scalp also gets  itch. Application of glycerine on the scalp and hair and leave for some minutes, prevents from the dry and itchy  scalp.

7: Shiny Hair

Every girl and women want silky and lustrous hair. Take 1 teaspoon of castor oil and add a teaspoon of glycerine and cider vinegar. Mix it well and apply this mixture in the root of yourhair and hair length for 30 minutes. Then rinse it off  your hair with mild shampoo. Apply this mixture once a week regularly to get glossy, silky, strong and healthy hair.

8: Maintain Curl Hair

Take equal amount of water and glycerine and mix it well and spray it on your hair to get a manageable curl hair. If you want  to add oil you can add some drops of essential oil as per your wish. This helps to making your hair soft, manageable as well as makes your hair healthy.

Glycerine for soft strong and healthy hair.

9: Hair Spray:

Take equal amount of water and vegetable glycerine and mix it well and put it in the spray bottles. You can also add some essential oils as per your need. This helps to maintain moisture in the  scalp and hair length. This also works as a good conditioner for your hair. Apply this 3 times  a week to get healthy and strong hair.

10: Final rinse

Shampoo makes your hair dry and frizzy. So add some drops of glycerine in your jug  of water and used it as a final rinse. This helps to make your hair soft, smooth and healthy.Glycerine and oil

11: Glycerine and Oil

Take glycerine and  some amount of oil and mixed it well. Apply this mixture overnight and wash it off next morning to get moisture, soft, manageable and healthy hair. This oil and  glycerine treatment helps to prevent from dry hair and scalp. Coconut oil is very useful and essential oil for massaging your scalp and hair length. If you have super dry hair you can use olive oil to get more benefits and moisture lock hair and scalp.


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