Small rules change your health

Before talking about the rules, it will be better to know the overall composition of the body so that it will give depth knowledge about your body.

According to the Ayurveda, our body is made up of 3 composition that is Vatta, Pitta, and Kaph.  And these 3 composition called the Tri Dosha.

Vatta is related to movement of air in the body.

Pitta is related to the fire in the body. With the rise of Sun, Pitta amount increases and slowly the amount decreases with the sun set.

kaph is the lubrication to the body.

The movement of Vata is more in the Morning, Pitta is in the Afternoon and Kaph in the Night.

Small rules change your health

If there is no balance of these tridosh then you will suffer from  148 types of disease from common cold up to cancer.

Imbalance of Dosh results in:

Vatta:   80 + types of diseases.

Pitta: 46-50 types of diseases.

Kaph: 28  types of diseases.

Small rules change your health


1: Never drink  water immediately after having your food. It will be better to drink water after 1 hour.


There is epigastrium in the left side of the Navel / Belly Button which produces digestive juice and helps in the digestion of the food. Here digestion took 1 hour. If you drink water after having your food then digestive juice becomes dilute and food will rotten in the stomach. Once the food is rotten in the stomach it will produce gases, causes more than 100  types of diseases  like acidity, gastric even the cancer too. So the most important is that our food should be digested properly and gets energy to the body.

According to the Ayurveda: “BHOJAN ANTE VISHAM VARI” that means drinking water immediately after having your food is considered as a Poison to your body.

If you need to drink water

:  Atleast 1hour  later  after having food.

:  40 minutes before having food.

Disclaimers: If you are in need to drink liquid after having food then you can take curd lassi, fruits juice like Orange juice, Sugarcane juice, Pomegranate  juice, Lemon juice and milk.  Drinking Water is only atleast 1 hour later.

Important Notice : It is better to take juice in the morning, Dahi lassi in the afternoon and milk in the night.

2: Sip water slowly than guzzling it.

Sip the water as a hot tea or coffee and milk. When you sip the water and makes round in the mouth then alkaline saliva enters in the stomach and balance the Pitta of the body. Here Pitta means the acid continously produced in the stomach. If your pitta is balance in the body, you will never suffers from the diseases. If your stomach is acidic then slowly your blood will be acidic and you will suffer from more than 48 types of disease like Diabetes, over weight, psoriasis  and so on. Those person whose pitta is balance in their stomach there will always balance of tri dosh in their life. It is said that more than 80 percent diseases emerge from the stomach. Hence your stomach should be clean and balance of tri dosh.

Small rules change your health

Here 1 Sip water = 1 Spoon of water.

To be healthy you need  4.5- 5 litres of saliva. This is only possible when you sip the water and chewing food  more.

For example  from the observation of nature : except human being all the birds and animals sip the water so they are never over weight, not suffer from the diabetes and so on . All the animals and birds are slim and trim.

3: Never drink Cold water.

Never drink water of refrigerator, Ice water  and   of water cooler. They are more cooler than the room temperature.


Your body and your stomach is warm or hot . If you drink cold water then there will be imbalance of temperature in the body. There will be fight between the hot stomach and cold water and results in pain in your body. If cold water makes your stomach cold then slowly your heart will be cold and lastly your brain will be cold. Cold brain does not work and body will be cold. We all know that brain is the master of the body. Cold brain results in the stage of the death.

In the summer season if you need to drink cold water, then drink water from the matka (clay pot/earthen pots). Never drink water from  refrigerator.

In addition to this, Warm water clean your body by throwing out the toxic from the throat and whole  body.  It also increases the digestion in the body.

4: Start your day with water.

Drink 2-3 glass of warm water early in the morning without brushing and going to toilet.

Small rules change your health


When you drink water without brushing then alkaline saliva enters in the stomach and balance the Pitta of the stomach.  In the same way water clean the big stomach and send message to clean the whole stomach. Water pressure to clean the toxic and stools to throw out completely from the stomach. Those whose stomach is completely clean  in one time early in the morning they will never suffer from the diseases.

Those who start their day with tea will suffer from 48 types of diseases and those who start their day with warm water they will be healthy as it cleans both small and big intestine.