How To Maintain Hair In Summer

How to maintain hair in summer

Summer  is the happy and enjoyment  season. Everybody wants  Natural shiny,healthy, bouncy silky,frizzy free and long hair. Due to more humidity present in the summer season the nutrition for hair goes down and there will be the need of extra care for hair. Hot humidity increase hair problems like dandruff, split ends, frizziness and increased hair fall. The hot summer is harmful to skin that,s why we do due care to skin. In the same way hair also need due care.How to maintain hair in summer

Some of the tips to maintain hair in summer are:

1: Cover hair

During summer, more humidity present in the atmosphere and dust stick in the hair and hair problem increases. So it,s better to wear hat or scarf to maintain moisture of hair and prevent from hot humidity and pollution.How to maintain hair in summer

2: No regular Shampoo 

Shampoo regularly dry the natural oil present in the scalp and makes the hair more dry and frizzy. If your scalp get more greasy and sweaty easily then you can use mild shampoo that is especially for summer. Shampoo only the scalp, say “No” to hair because shampooing hair makes the hair dry.

3: Use of conditioner

Conditioner helps to restore some moisture and life in hair. Get one that suits your hair type and texture.

4: Oil massage before hair wash

Oil massage in your hair makes it soft, moisturize, tangle and frizzy free. Oil massage helps in improving the circulation of blood to the scalp which ultimately leads to better nourishment and hence better health of hair. Also, oil provides good lubrication to the hair, thereby, checking and reducing the damage. Hot oil massage is good for hair.

5: Avoid Heat

Due to more humidity present in the environment during summer it damage the hair so avoid using hot blower or additional heat to your hair as much as you can. GO slow on the blow dryer, and if required, wash your hair half an hour earlier so that they get ample time to air-dry. Avoid using the styling iron and curlers.How to maintain hair in summer

6: Use of sunscreen

Use of sun block in hair prevent form hot air and make damage free hair. If possible wear hat or scarf always while you are in contact with the sun.

7: Trim hair

The tips of hair get more split ends and dry, and this is neither healthy for your hair, nor do they look good. So its better to trim hair in summer.It is the ideal time to get new hair style and look different. If you want long hair, you can trim some small tips only to get life in your hair and also get easy to take care of your hair.

8: Use of wide tooth comb

The cuticle of hair is soft when it is wet. So it is recommended not to comb wet hair. Wide tooth combs can be used to detangle dry hair and wet hair. These combs can also be used for all hair texture and are most commonly used for all hair types. It reduces hair fall, detangle hair and gentle on scalp.How to maintain hair in summer

9: Cover Hair while swimming

Every body wants to do swimming while summer but you should take care of hair. You should wear swimming cap or condioner to prevent your hair from chlorine absorption,dullness and discoloration.How to maintain hair in summer

10: Always Hydrated

Water plays a crucial role in your body. To be healthy you must be always drink enough water. Like wise to get a healthy hair you should be hydrated always. Water helps to repair the hair providing essential minerals and nutrition to hair. You should take fruits juice as per your wish to get healthy body and hair.

11: Use of silk pillow case

Knots leads to splitting and breakage of hair which stops hair growth and unhealthy hair too.  Silk pillow cover in pillow helps to manage your hair while you sleep.How to maintain hair in summer

12: Shield your hair

Hair color makes your hair dry and frizzy too. So to maintain healthy color hair you need Protein shield.

13: Braid the hair

Summer air makes the hair dry and fried. So  you can make different braid, pony tails and bun as per your wish to prevent hair from damage.How to maintain hair in summer

14: Be gentle to hair

You should shampoo and comb your hair very gently to prevent from breakage,  split ends and damage.





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