How To Remove All Milia Permanently In 2 Weeks! Hard White Bumps

How To Remove All Milia Permanently In 2 Weeks! Hard White Bumps.

Milia seeds are small white-coloured fat granule growing on the skin, particularly in area surrounding the eyes. It is more common to face and then other body part. It is commonly painless. Milia can be appear to any age, sex, race and any number of times. They look like white sesame seeds.

Primary milia are typically seen in infants but also may occur in children and adults. Secondary milia develop after trauma to the skin, such as after burns (eg, sunburns),  in blistering disorders.  Multiple eruptive milia is a condition characterized by the sudden development of crops of milia over the course of weeks to months.

How To Remove All Milia Permanently Whiteheads In 2 Weeks! Hard White Bumps.

How To Remove All Milia Permanently In 2 Weeks! Hard White Bumps.

There are different reasons  of appearing of Milia like

.  Not exfoliating enough in your skin so that dead cells accumulate in skin surface.

. Use of different creams so that your skin cannot breathe properly and release more oil in the skin .

.Use of eye-shadow powder, glitters or other similar powder-based cosmetic products.

In most cases, these tiny, hard, white bumps will go away on their own without treatment. Being patient and waiting it out is one option—but waiting it out is not for everyone. There’s a right way and a wrong way to remove them and doing it the wrong way can damage your skin. Following our recommendations should help you safely resolve these bumps, and possibly keep them  away from returning.

1: One effective way to remove milia seeds is by using glycerine. By rubbing glycerin on the milia seeds can dissolve the oil around the milia and bring about the removal of milia seeds.It can be removed in 1-2 weeks while bigger ones need 1-2 months to clear. After washing face every night, rub some glycerine on the milia seeds. Use index finger to slowly and gently message.Do it consistently everyday and you can see the milia seeds gradually shrink.After a short time they dry up and then you can gently rub them.How To Remove All Milia Permanently In 2 Weeks! Hard White Bumps.

  • CAUTION TO GLYCERIN: Glycerine needs to dilute. Do not apply  too concentrated glycerin directly on the skin,because highly concentrated glycerin can irritate and dehydrate it excessively.Therefore before using high concentration glycerin need to dilute it with clean water or rose water.
  • GLYCERIN DOSAGE:  Correct use of glycerine can remove milia seeds on your face but improper use can lead to more milia seeds cropping up. Do not apply too much at once can block the pores and lead to more milia seeds to appear, especially for people with oily skin.
  • PERSISTENCE:  Patient is must up to 1-2 weeks if you wish to remove it without using needles.If you cannot see result with in these time period you will never be able to get rid of the milia seeds by using glycerin and consult to Doctor. Using glycerin to remove fat granules needs at least 2 weeks or even longer to throughly remove them.
  • NEED GOOD HYGIENE: Keeping the skin clean is highly important in order to succeed .Need to clean the dirt and oil from the dace immediately after the appear and do it daily to keep the skin clean at all time. This will prevent the milia seeds from reappearing.
  • OBSERVE AIR HUMIDITY: Glycerin has powerful water-absorption  ability.If the environment is very dry, glycerin can  dehydrate the skin causing skin-dryness. In countries with dry climate ,particularly during winter season, glycerine is not recommended.

Disclaimer: Glycerine must be used in the night in cleaned wash face. It must  not be used during day time.This is because it is light-sensitive. During day time it will react with the sunlight and cause the skin to become dark in the applied area. This is no such worry if it is used at night.

2: Use of Aloe vera gel in a clean washed face for 20 min during bed time daily until the milia disappear and then use once a week.How To Remove Milia Permanently In 2 weeks! Hard White Bump

3:Use of honey mask for 25  min  daily until milia disappear.How To Remove All Milia Permanently In 2Week! Hard White Bumps.

4: Exfoliate skin with regular oat meal powder in every  morning or at least once a week.How To Remove All Milia Permanently In 2 Week! Hard White Bumps.

5: Use of sandal wood face mask: It has cooling and exfoliating property. Put some water in the sandalwood powder and apply in your face for 20 min and clean with Luke warm water. Do this daily until milia disappear and then once a week.How To Remove All Milia Permanently In 2Week! Hard White Bumps.

By applying above method if  not  disappear then consult with the Doctor.


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