How To Look Beautiful Without Make up

How to Look Beautiful Without Make Up

Every Girls and Women of this world wants to be beautiful  though they are from European country or Asian country or African country etc. Colour  and Structure does not matter to be a natural beauty.Natural Complexion determine the beauty of the girls and women. We all think wearing the beauty product  makes us beautiful and we buy different  beauty products that are available in the market.This habit makes our skin suffer from different skin problems. So to be beautiful without any make up there are some habits to follow.How to Look Beautiful Without Make Up

Here are some of the Tips and Tricks to look beautiful without make are:

1: Wake up before sun rise and Drink Water in the empty stomach.

The environment is clean and fresh early in the  morning  and  our skin can breathe properly. We should drink at least half litre of water in the empty stomach before going to washroom.This habit of drinking water in the empty stomach helps to flushes your bowels, release toxin from the body, cleanses the colon and boost immune system etc. These good internal systems helps to get natural glow in the skin.How to Look Beautiful Without Make Up

2: Brush your Teeth and Cleanse your Tongue.

Before washing the face your face you have to brush your teeth and cleanse your tongue so that the tars and plague in the teeth and tongue is remove and you get fresh breathe. In the same time you should  remove the dead cells of the lips by the brush so that your lips look clean,smooth,soft and have glow also.How to Look Beautiful WithOut Make Up

3: Wash  your face twice daily.

Wash your face at least  twice a day with clean tap water. Washing more may get dry and irritated to your skin.So do as per your skin types.Use face wash  that is suitable to your skin. Before going to bed wash your face and apply moisturizer that is suitable to your skin type.How to Look Beautiful Without MakeUp

4: Exfoliate your skin.

Exfoliate your skin  so that your dead cells and make up is remove and get radiant skin.Your skin will also fell fresh too. You can also do scrub by mixing coconut oil and sugar in your face and lips too. This also remove dead cells and moisturise skin. Exfoliate your skin twice a week.How to Look Beautiful With Out Make Up

5: Gently slapping  and  patting your skin.

This is the most important step to have glow in your skin. Gently slapping  and even little bit pinching your skin helps to circulate the blood  and brings colour in your skin.It helps to stimulate your facial skin, helps to flow collagen and elastin your face. Body does not  circulate whole body and there will occur age spots wrinkles etc so this gently slapping and patting helps to reduce these problems and makes you young and radiant looking.How to Look Beautiful WithOut Make Up

6: Wear moisturiser daily.

Every time you wash your face you should have to apply facial moisturiser.  Pick a quality moisturiser having SPF and apply it daily after washing your face. Optional-  sightly wear a thick moisturiser in the night.

  • Always choose a moisturiser that’s suit to your skin type.
  • If you have sensitive skin, go for something gentle and unscented. If you are prone to pimples, try something light and non-oily.
  • Drier skin types should go for heavier moisturizers with soothing, nourishing ingredients like shea butter or aloe vera.How to Look Beautiful WithOut Make Up

7: Keep lips Smooth.

Smooth, soft and full lips is more attractive than the dry and cracked lips so to get desire lips exfoliate your skin or brush your lips with damp tooth brush.This makes your lips free of dead cells and apply any favourite lips balm to get smooth and soft lips. Do not more expose your lips in dry and cold weather and apply lip balm having SPF.How to Look Beautiful WithOut Make Up

8: Apply Suncreen Daily.

Different skin problem like blemishes,acne,premature ageing wrinkles, skin cancer and other skin problems arises from the sun ray.So you should always wear sunblock in other to protect skin.Choose sunscreen having SPF  30 or higher and also that is suitable to your skin. Always wear sunscreen  although the environment is cold or cloudy.How to Look Beautiful With Out Make Up

9: Use of Toner.

Toner is the skin care product which helps to make skin naturally  beautiful by preventing skin from different  skin problems. Put toner in the small cotton ball and apply in the skin to maintain skin pH level, shrinks skin pores ,add a layer of protection, gives moisture, refreshen the skin and prevents the ingrown hair etcHow to Look Beautiful WithOut Make Up

10: Always remove Make up.

Although this article is about how to look beautiful without make up, but we still wear make up.It does not mean wearing make up is bad but you should  remove make up completely before going to bed. The pores of skin can breathe properly and become fresh in the morning by removing make up.How to Look Beautiful WithOut Make Up

11: Take care of your Pimples, Blackheads, Whiteheads.

Pimples is the major problem of the people so in order to cover the pimples, blackheads etc people wear make up.So get rid of these pimples, blackheads, whiteheads etc so that your confident level will be increase to go bare- face or without make up. If you have the problems of these  pimples,blackheads etc you can first use the home remedies and if does not give result then check to the Dermatologist. You can check my link for blackheads removal.How to Look Beautiful With Out Make Up


12:Stop Touching your Face.

Frequently touching to face brings many skin problem though our fingers.Bacteria, viruses and allergens transfer from fingertips onto the skin. Picking at spots, rubbing your forehead, or simply resting your chin on your hand are all things which add oil and bacteria to the skin, and causes pimples redness etc.How to Look Beautiful With Out Make Up

13:Drink Enough Water.

Water is the powerful drink to clean the  internal part of the body.If our internal part of the body clean ,then it works properly.The good performance of the body is shown by our skin. Healthy and glowing skin is determine by the good performance of the internal part of the body.  You should drink at least 5-8 glasses (or 1 and a half liters) of water. Water hydrates your skin and purifies it from the inside out, flushing out toxins and fueling the skin’s metabolism.How to Look Beautiful With Out Make Up

14:Quality Sleep.

Our body needs quality sleep rather than more quantity of sleep.Quality sleep gets more relax and fresh to your body and also skin can get  more time to repair and restore.Be sure to give 8 hours of sleep per night to get quality sleep.How to Look Beautiful WithOut Make Up

15:Eyebrow Grooming.

To look beautiful in bare face your eyes plays a crucial role.Eyebrow should be tidy by removing stay hair. Proper  shape should be given according to the structure of your face  to look more beautiful. You can give different shape by threading, waxing, shaving and plucking and trimmingHow to Look Beautiful WithOut Make Up

16: Curl your Eyelashes.

Long and thick eyelashes is sign of beautiful eyes so to be more attractive, curl your eyelashes by eyelash curler. Do not use mascara for dark  and thick eyelash. You can apply vaseline in the eyelash and comb it by a eyelash brush to get thick and dark eyelash. If you do not have thick and long eyelashes you can  use eyelash serum. Here is the link how to make eyelashes longer and thicker naturally. http://magical natural growth serum to get long and thick eyelashesHow to Look Beautiful WithOut Make Up

17: Shampoo  Your Hair Every Alternate Day.

Shampooing your hair makes your hair shine and free from oil and dirts.If you have extremely oily hair you can bath daily .Use shampoo and condition according to your hair type. Shampooing alternative day may not dry your hair but it does not mean you cannot wash your hair when you got dirt. Trim you hair in 3-4 month to get hair in tip top condition.How to Look Beautiful With Out Make Up

18: Whiten Your Eyes.

White eye determine the fresh, totally cute, sexy appearance   and attractive too.Red eye show the tired and sleepless. You can you eye drop which reduce redness. It is easily available in the pharmacy. Put 1 or 2 drops in each eye every morning to get brightness and clarity.How to Look Beautiful With Out Make Up

19: Put Some Colour in your Cheeks.

Some rosy colour in the cheek gives attractiveness to your face. this rosy colour can be achieved by frequently exercise and time spent outdoor in the fresh air.For quick colour you can gently slap or pinch in your cheeks.How to Look Beautiful With Out Make Up

20: Healthy Dental Hygiene.

Brush your teeth twice a day.Brush your teeth  individually properly. Do not ignore the backward and inner part of the teeth.In the same way cleanse your tongue properly so that you can get fresh breathe. I f you get more dental problem visit dentist time to time to get fresh breathe and whiter teeth for beautiful smile.

21: Healthy and Glowing Skin.

The complexion  of the skin is the most important to be a naturally beautiful. The radiant and glowing skin is the most to look attractive. Always wear facial moisturizer to have a young baby looking skin. Facial moisturizer act as a protecting  and younger  looking layer.No matter  the weather  you should always wear facial moisturizer before wearing sunscreen. How to Look Beautiful With Out Make Up

22: Smile When ever You Can.

Smile brings glow in your face and show your inner beauty to attract people. It shows the impression of happiness and confident and also more attractive to others. Smile act as a make up to look you beautiful and confident though you do  not  wear make up. Smile do your best whether you wear make up or not.How to Look Beautiful With Out Make Up

23:Dress Well.

The first impression goes on dress to be attractive  without make up.SO wear the dress that is comfortable to you and matching to your outfit.Also wear the dress according to the  weather. Do  not wear more loose  or tight dress in the name of fashion and style.Wear the dress that match to your body.How to Look Beautiful With Out Make Up

24: Style Your Hair.

It is certain that hair should be clean and tidy.In the same way there is the need of timely combing, trimming ,and style too. Try new hair cut like layers, vertical cut,  step cut etc. You can change  your hair by making straight or curl. you can make pony tail or bun or whatever style you like that match to your outfit.How to Look Beautiful With out Make Up

25: Eat Healthy Diet. 

The height of healthiness of body depends upon the food we consume. If you consume healthy diet your mind, feeling and body will be healthy. Especially your healthy and glowing skin also depend upon the healthy diet. Your  looking and felling also depends upon your diet you consume. Try to cut greasy,fatty and sugary foods as possible.Add fruits, vegetables and natural fruits drinks, whole grains, lean meats  etc to get healthy glowing skin. Always drink plenty of water to flush out toxin from your body.How to Look Beautiful With Out Make Up

26: Consume Supplements.

Todays life is busy and  unknown to all the foods and fruits that are nutritious. So to be in balance diet you should have to consume supplementary that are rich in Vitamins, Minerals, collagen and biotin.It is always not possible to get fresh foods every day which are needed to maintain healthy and glowing skin. That is why you need to take supplements.

If your skin is too dry you have to take supplement which are recommended by experts like Phytoceramides. This supplements helps to retain and increase the level of moisturizer of skin.

If your skin is acne prone try the herbal pills that are recommended by experts which gives awesome result for acne treatment. These pills helps to get clear skin and get rid of acne bacteria.

If your skin needs antigen boost  you have to  look for collagen.As the age increase the collagen stock level of skin is decrease which leads to wrinkle and loss of elasticity of skin. You can also  consume Vitamin C which helps to boost collagen production.How to Look Beautiful WithOut Make Up

27: Use of Sunglasses.

If none of these tips does not work for looking beautiful without make up just wear a sunglasses. Sunglasses helps to cover the red color eye, puffy and tired eye too.You look smart if you choose suitable sunglass as per your face.If you have body guard around you people think you are great women though you are not. In the same way sunglass also act as a bodyguard to look you great and enhance beauty of yours.How to Look Beautiful WithOut MakeUp

28: Confident.

Inner beauty is the most one to look you attractive. So stop think you need mascara and other beauty product to look you beautiful. You need to build up your personality and confident level which is the most one to  impress  others. Stand up tall, with your shoulders back and your chin up. Make eye contact with people and smile frequently. Remember that makeup is simply a tool used to emphasize certain features—your natural beauty has been there all along.How to Look Beautiful WithOut MakeUp

Make up is only the temporary thing. It can fade away ,melt and it can even brings bad effect if it is used too much and too often.There is always different ways of looking beautiful but the most important is the inner beauty. Inner beauty is the most important than the outer beauty so making fabulous from outside be sure to be fabulous always   from inner side.

For more details you can also turn on the video in the given below.



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