How to be Slim By Using Lemon Peel

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We all know that lemon is very useful ingredient for slimming purpose .We all use only lemon juice for slimming and the very essential part is peel which is full of a spectrum of vitamins, minerals and fiber (things like calcium, potassium, and vitamin C) that can give your menu a nutritional boost. And even though you would have to consume large amounts of peel to glean significant nutritional benefits, it doesn’t hurt to throw in some peel when you can
Let’s talk about the need of the ingredient that is very chief and easily available in our kitchen.
1: LemonHow to be slim by using lemon peel
2: Water
How to be slim by using lemon peel

3: A pot
First off all take 5 medium size lemon and make it half then squeeze the juice in the glass,then the remaining part that we throw lemon peel is use.
Take a pot which contain 1 litre of water then put it for boil.
Put the lemon peel in the boil water and make the flame of gas medium for 5 minutes and cover the water so that the essential ingredient of lemon does not evaporate. Now your slimming juice is prepare.
Put the juice we prepare in a water jar and take a glass of juice after 30 minutes of having meal .You should finish this  juice in a day .You can put the juice in a refrigerator too. It is better to consume this juice warmly. For the good result you should consume this for a month continuously.

Disclaimer: This lemon peel juice is very better so add the lemon juice  in the glass.After adding lemon juice too if you cannot drink you can also add honey too.


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