Home Remedies For Sagging Breast Naturally

Home Remedies For Sagging Breast Naturally.

Every girls and women want beautiful body as well as beautiful breast.The beauty of every girls is beautiful breast. Beautiful breast increase confident in every girls and women.Not only that it also boost up the personality of every girls and women. Sagging breast decrease the personality and confident of every girls. Sagging breast is create due to wrong exercise and imbalance Home Remedies For Sagging Breast

Home Remedies For Sagging Breast Naturally.

Home Remedies For Sagging Breast Naturally.

Some of the home remedies for sagging breast are:

Steps for remedy 1:

  • A:Use of ice cube and carrot: Take some ice cube and  grated  carrot and put them in a cotton cloth. Apply this in a breast for   2 minute alternatively in both breast.This will tighten your breast.
  • B:  Massage your breast with honey in a circular motion for 10 minutes. This massage will  tighten your breast.
  • C: Massage your breast with onion juice for 2-3 minutes. Onion juice will form your breast and also looks your breast bigger. This remedy is perfect for tighten your breast.
  • D: Wash your breast with cold water.
    Home Remedies For Sagging Breast Naturally.

2: Cucumber

Mix cucumber paste and egg yolk well. Apply this paste in your breast for 10 minutes. Cucumber forms and tone the skin, where egg is rich in all nutrient. The mixture of egg yolk and cucumber paste lift the breast. For better result apply this paste everyday fir a month.

3: Olive oil

Massage Olive oil in a circular motion in your breast. Olive oil increase the elasticity of your breast.  Olive oil is rich in antioxidant and fatty acid which increase blood cell and   stimulate to repair  blood cell of your breast. It prevents sagging breast and improves skin tone and texture.


  • Take some Olive oil in your palm and rub it to produce heat.
  • Rub your palm in your breast in upward motion
  • Massage gently for 15 minutes to increase blood cell and stimulate to repair blood cell.
  • Massage it at least 4-5 times per week for 2-3 month for best result.

4: Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera has natural skin-tightening properties that can help get rid of sagging breasts. The anti oxidant present in aloe vera prevent damage caused by free radicals and help firm sagging breasts. Massage aloe vera gel in your breast in a circular motion for 10 minutes and leave  the gel again next 10 minutes and wash off with a warm water. For best result massage with this aloe vera gel for 4-5 times a week for a month.

5: Massage with ice cube

Take some ice cubes in a cotton and massage  ice cubes in your breast for 1 minute in a circular motion, repeat the same step alternatively for 2- 3 times. Dry the breasts with a soft towel and immediately put on a proper fitting bra.Repeat this remedy twice per day for a month.

Ice massage is also considered very effective to regain firmness in sagging breasts and uplift them. The cold temperature will cause the tissue to contract, in turn making the breasts appear firmer and more lifted.

6: Pomegranate

Pomegranate is considered a wonderful anti-aging ingredient and can help prevent sagging breasts. Make a paste of pomegranate peel and some warm mustard oil. Use it to massage your breasts in a circular motion for 5 to 10 minutes daily before going to bed.

7: Exercise

Some exercises that can effectively lift up and firm sagging breasts are– chest presses and pulls, arm raises, round-about push-ups, and dumbbell fly. Exercises that target breast tissues and pectoral muscles around the chest can help a lot to add firmness..Home Remedies For Sagging Breast Naturally.

8: Fenugreek

Fenugreek has vitamins and antioxidants that combat free radical damage and help lift, tighten and smooth around the breasts.

-Mix 1/4 cup of fenugreek powder with enough water to form a thick paste. Massage this paste onto your breasts and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water. Follow this remedy once or twice a week.

Additional Tips

-Eat healthy foods with essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, calcium, minerals, carbohydrates and essential fats that are required to firm up the breasts.

-If you are overweight, lose weight. Excessive body weight causes the skin to stretch and breasts to sag.

-You can also try yoga to tone and tighten the breasts within a realistic range..Home Remedies For Sagging Breast Naturally.

-Avoid extreme dieting as drastic weight loss in a short time span can cause your breasts to sag.

-Enjoy swimming as it is a great exercise to firm breasts.Home Remedies For Sagging Breast Naturally.

-Avoid doing forward bends, contracting poses, jogging and running without wearing a supportive bra.

-Make it a habit to drink an ample amount of water daily to hydrate your skin.

-Do not directly expose your breasts to the sun without sunscreen. Sunlight can lead to loss of skin elasticity. Apply sunscreen on your breasts whenever you are wearing a tank top, bathing suit or sundress that has a low neckline.

-Stop smoking to improve overall health and to protect the fragile skin of the breasts.

-Make sure to correct your posture to avoid sagging breasts. Always sit straight and walk straight, without drooping.

-Always wear the fitting bra to provide enough support for your breasts. If needed, wear a push-up bra to give your breasts proper support. Wear a sports bra while doing aerobic exercises, playing tennis, jogging or doing any kind of workout that causes the breasts to bounce.

For more details please watch the video given below.


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