Benefits of Guava Leaves

Benefits of guava leaves

We are known about the benefits of the Guava fruits only. In addition the Guava leaf has also the medicinal as well as beauty  properties which is full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and antibacterials. It has significant health benefits from treating stomach troubles to chronic diseases like cancer. It is high in healthy fiber,Vitamin A and C and Potassium.

Benefits of guava leaves

Benefits of guava leavesBefore going to talk about the benefits of Guava leaves,have a talk about the preparation of Guava leaves tea.

Take  1litres of water and a pot  make the water boil and put clean wash 8-10 Guava leaves in the boil water and makes the flame of gas medium and boil the leaves when it becomes brownish in color and stir the leaves and your tea is ready.  let’s have a look in the pictures below which make you clear.

Benefits of guava leaves

Benefits of guava leaves

Benefits of guava leavesBenefits of guava leavesBenefits of guava leavesBenefits of guava leavesSome of the uses of Guava leaves are

1:Aids in wight loss

Guava leaves tea help prevent  complex carbs from turning  into sugar and promotes in weight loss. For better result consume Guava leaves tea daily for  month to feel difference.


People who suffers from diarrhea can consume Guava leaves tea in the empty stomach helps in  quick recovery. It reduces abdominal pain too. Take a cup of guava leaves tea in the stomach.

3:lower cholesterol

According to article published by Nutrition  and Metabolism Department  people who drank Guava leaves tea for continuous 8 weeks had lower the cholesterol level.

4:Promotes hair growth:

Guava leaves is rich in Vitamin A and C so boil the guava  leaves and cool the water then apply in the scalp. This helps to prevent hair loss and promotes hair growth too. You  can also use this Guava leaves water while wash your hair by taking last rinse in your hair.

Benefits of guava leaves

5:Helps in toothache problem

Guava leaves tea is also taken as a medicinal herbs for the treatment of swollen gums ,clear yellowish dirt  of the teeth and other oral problems. If  you are suffering from canker sore chew the Guava leaves and feel relief.Benefits of guava leaves tea

6:Beats wrinkles, Acne blackheads and other blemishes.

Take a glass of water to boil and put 3 clean Guava leaves in the boil water in low flame and makes the water in brownish  color and cool down the water. Apply this water through cotton ball in your face and see the difference in a week.For best result apply 3 times a week.OR

you can grind the Guava leaves and apply the paste in your face and see the difference.

7:Treatment of cold and cough

Drinking Guava leaves makes the body warm and helps in the treatment of cold and cough. It opens the lungs and loosing the mucus of the body.

8:Treatment of itching.

Guava leaves  is also rich in allergy blockage compound which helps in the treatment of allergy ,psoriasis and other skin problems.


Guava leaves tea maintains the diabetes level of the body and makes the body fit and fine.

10:Sperm production

Guava leaves tea help to increase the sperm  production and also promotes  in the  production of quality sperms.


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