Home made Vitamin C Serum For Flawless Skin in cheap price

Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C serumThis Vitamin C Serum for:

-Spotless and Flawless skin

-Bright skin and evenness texture

-Anti aging

-Wrinkle Free

-Sun Protecting Factor(SPF)

Every girls wants clean and bright skin for being beautiful, gaining praise and for personality development. With the development of beauty products they work for short term and brings site effects too. In this cosmetic world Vitamin C is used in every beauty  product .Vitamin C is the prime ingredient of collagen development. Collagen metabolism and production helps in the development of bright,healthy and younger looking skin.

If a person suffers from blemishes in face , blackness in the face and back neck, uneven skin tone in the face and body and sun burn Vitamin C Serum is very useful remedy for it.

The ingredient you need to  prepare Vitamin C Serum are:

1: Water  6 table spoonVitamin C Serum for skin in cheap priceVitamin C Serum for skin in cheap price

2: Glycerine 2 table spoon

3: Vitamin C tablet in white also called Ascorbic  acid 1 tablet

4: A clean  dry  and sterilized bottleVitamin C Serum for flawless skin in cheap price

5: Vitamin E capsule 1(optional)

Glycerine helps in the moisturizing the skin,makes soft and even tone in the skin.

Vitamin C Serum for skin in cheap price

Vitamin C white tablet is easily found in the normal medical store. This tablet is very sophisticated and easily broken. Put the tablet in between paper   and make it fine powder by hammering.

ViTamin C Serum for skin in cheap price

Take a clean and sterilize bottle and put the 6 table spoon water, 2 table spoon glycerine and Vitamin C tablet power we discuss above and then shake the ingredient until it is properly mixed . As this ingredient is easily mix.  Now your Vitamin C Serum is ready and you can easily apply in your skin.

This Vitamin C Serum is the remedy of blemishes, uneven skin,  blackness, aging and  wrinkle.This serum is also act as a sun screen lotion as it contain sun protecting factor. You can apply this serum while you go out.For the best result you should apply this serum up to 6-8 weeks continuously twice a day.You can apply this serum in your face, neck ,hand and other problem area of your body.


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