Uses of Glycerin for baby soft and supple skin

Glycerine for baby soft skin

Everybody wants flawless, bright and soft skin. The moisture balance  is the most to have baby soft skin.Why don,t you dream to have this charming baby soft skin? You have the option to have charming and baby soft skin. The option is easily available and affordable too, that is the glycerine.

Glycerine for baby soft skin

Glycerine is the odorless and  thick liquid which is easily dissolved in water and lock the moisture in the skin. It hydrates and lubricate the dry skin and makes your skin bright and soft skin. It also improves the appearance of the skin as it is the natural emollient helping to keep your skin moisturized. Research has shown that application of glycerine, keeps the skin hydrated for as long as two weeks, even it has been removed from the skin due to its moisture lock formula. So glycerine stays on your skin working its magic, keeping skin moisturized and hydrated much longer than other humectants.

Now you are well known about the properties and its important of glycerine for baby soft and charming skin.  The ingredient for the uses of the glycerine are:

  •  Take 2 tablespoon of Glycerine
  • Take 1 tablespoon of water/glycerine water
  • Take 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • Glycerine for baby soft skin

Mix all the ingredient very well and apply this mixture in your face, hand and  feet before you go to bed and wash it off in the next morning. You will get baby soft, bright and clear skin. Apply this mixture daily if you have intense dry skin for 1 week, you will see significant result. If you have normal skin, apply this mixture 3-4 times a week to see a significant results.




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