Surprising benefits of Sleeping on your Left side

surprising benefits of sleeping on left side

Sleep is the most important part of your life. A quality sleep is the most, to be healthy and be happy in your life. Sleep makes you feel better,  boost your mood and your health too. Quantity of your sleep does not determine a good sleep, a quality of sleep is necessary to have a good sleep. Adequate and quality sleep determine your healthy life style, maintain your heart, weight and mind.It is recommended  that every adult get seven to eight hours of sleep per night, according to the National Sleep Foundation, for many of us this is easier said than done. surprising benefits of sleeping on left side

As quality sleep is necessary to have a healthy and happy life, good posture of sleep is necessary to maintain your quality sleep. Sleeping on right side worse your internal organs like heart, liver, lungs , stomach etc. Left side sleeping is the best and good posture to have a healthy sleeping. Left side sleeping makes easy to function  your internal organ while sleeping. It also makes you feel better and healthy too.

Some of the  surprising benefits of sleeping on your left side are:

  • Better blood circulation:   Lest side sleeping makes easy to function your internal organ and also get easy to pump your blood while sleeping and feels you relax and better mood in morning. The left side sleeping helps in the maximization of  better blood circulation throughout your body because most of the blood vessels lie on the right side. When you sleep on your right side your blood vessel compress and your blood circulation will be destructed. Better circulation and a decrease in varicose veins are two very important benefits of left-side sleeping. According to the Vein Clinic“If you have varicose veins, it’s a good idea to sleep on your left side  this improves circulation by reducing pressure on your vena cava (the body’s largest vein), located on the right side of the body.”
  • Prevents Snoring:  The irritative sound that occurs while sleeping due to obstruction in nasal passage is called snoring. There are many causes of snoring and some of themm are:- Sleeping on their own back, obesity, use of alcohol and drugs, sleep deprivation ,throat weakness, nasal problem etc.This snoring problem can be treated with medicine and  some healthy and good posture  habits. The healthy and good posture habits include always sleep in your left side.While sleeping on your left side, your internal organs can properly function and your blood circulation will be better. When your internal organs and respiratory organs works properly you will get relief of snoring.Surprising benefits of sleeping on your left side
  • Positive  Impact on your Brain: Sleep is the most important to have a healthy and clean brain. About 25% of  total energy is used by brain. Positive  thinking, healthy diet including fresh vegetables and fruits and exercise is needed to clean and boost  your brain. Sleeping on your left side is the simple and easy to have a healthy and clean brain. Hence to have a quality sleep and to get positive impact on your brain left side sleeping is most. Sleeping on your left side supports the brain’s  ability  to remove toxins through cerebrospinal  fluid while sleeping.
  •  Boost Digestive System: When you sleep on your left side, there will be less strain to your liver and helps in the better production  of bile juice and other pancreatic enzyme and get proper function of digestive system. There will be easy in bowl movement up to colon and get easy to throw fetus in next morning.Surpring Benefits of sleeping on your left side
  • Prevents Acidity and Heart burn:  Several studies shows that sleeping on your right side make you more serious on heart burn and increase acidity where as left side tends to calm it. As left side holds the junction between the stomach and esophagus above the level of gastric acid. If you have chronic heart burn, lie down left side for 10 minutes  after meal and you will see the immediate result of it.
  • Relief  to Back pain and Neck pain: If you  have chronic back and neck pain, try to sleep on your left side because it will give less strain to the spinal cord and makes you feel relaxed while sleeping.
  • Better function of Liver and Kidney: When you lie on your  left side, your stomach, liver, pancreas and kidney can function naturally and can naturally produce enzymes and other pancreas juice, which helps in the optimum and efficient function of the digestive system.
  • Proper function of Heart: Heart located on the left side of your body so when you sleep on the left side, the gravity allows a less work load  of lymph drainage to your heart while sleeping.surprising benefits of left side sleeping.
  • Proper function of lymphatic drainage from the brain: lymphs  fluid carry protein, glucose, other metabolites and waste product and is cleaned and then drained to the left side of the heart, thoracic duct which is located on left side. Hence its becomes easy to stimulate the drainage of the toxin. About 75% of the total body’s lymph fluid drain to the thoracic duct, heart and other internal veins.
  • Efficient function of the spleen: The spleen is the part of the lymphatic system which  lies in the left side. While you lie down on your left side , the gravity lessen the work load of the spleen. Lymph drains all the blood cells in the body via movement and muscular contractions, rather than being pumped by the heart. There will be less work load of lymph drainage to the spleen and heart with a good gravity.
  • Efficient bowl movement: The internal organs work  efficiently and digestive juice is produced in an optimum quantity so that it will be easy to digest the food you take. Gravity allows  to encourage  to throw out the fetus more easily  in the next morning.
  • Quality Sleep: When you sleep left side, your internal organs works efficiently. All the internal organs including digestive system works naturally without  any workload. If you cannot sleep on left side try to lie down atleast 10 min after meal so that your internal organs works efficiently.Hence  there will be no internal disturbance and  you will get quality sleep in the night.
  • Easy digestion of fats:  Efficient function of internal organs and quality sleep helps in the  easy digestion of fats of your body.
  • Ideal position to pregnant women: Sleeping on your left side will increase the amount of blood and nutrients through proper blood circulation  that reach the placenta and your baby. It also helps to get relief of back pain and neck pain. Surprising benefits of sleeping on left side.
  • Get  more energy in the next morning: When you get quality and proper  function of  internal  organ  in the night and adding exercise in the morning helps you to energies whole day and you will get better and efficient work.
  • Helps in filtering and purifying toxins,lymph fluids and wastes.
  • Prevents serious illness as accumulated  toxins are flushed out easily.
  • It is the best sleeping position .


How to make Habits of sleeping on your left side

We all are well known about the benefits of sleeping on left side but it becomes hard to make habits. It is a simple change in habits of sleeping position. If you are getting hard to change your habits of sleeping position, simply made  the rules which helps you to make the habits of sleeping on left side.

Simply place a body pillow on your right side so that it will become harder to roll off during sleeping.

It is also better to put your night light on your right side so that you will automatically turn on left side.

You can also try to put your pillow on your left side between your knee and shoulder, giving a hug so that it will make easy to make habits of sleeping smoothly.

You can also use the mattress of  left side sleeping, which should be soft and comfortable with relieves  pressure on spinal cord, hips shoulders. And also be sure that your spinal cord  rest in natural alignment.


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