Simple And Easy Drink To Melt Belly Fat

Simple And Easy Drink To Melt Belly Fat.

Beautiful belly signify the good health and good looking. Attractiveness also depends on your belly. You will feel  sexy when you get attractive belly.  Belly fat is the most stubborn and harmful and signify enters  of many diseases. Too much accumulation of fat in belly lead to many harmful diseases like obesity,hypertension,metabolic dysfunction heart disease etc.

Simple And Easy Drink To Melt Belly Fat.Simple And Easy Drink To Melt Belly Fat.Simple And Easy Drink To Melt Belly Fat.

Here is the simple recipe to melt belly fat easily.  It is a powerful combination of ingredient which targets on belly. It is rich in Vitamin C which speed up the fat burning process and also convert fat into energy. Hence this ingredient  helps to reduce weight, obesity and melt belly fat fast.You need Spinach, Ginger,Lemon and Water


  • 1 Lemon juice
  • A handful of spinach
  • 2 inch Ginger
  • 1 Glass of Water


Juice all the ingredient  and drink the mix juice immediately. Consume this juice Twice a day before breakfast and either lunch or dinner for a month

For Better result:

  • Drink this juice in the empty stomach in the morning, 30 minutes  before breakfast. It  will speed up the metabolism, boost  your energy and melt belly fat fast.
  • Drink enough water and sleep enough on timely.
  • Never sleep in the afternoon.
  • Try to cut off sugar intake and add  healthy and fibrous diet
  • Never cut off your Breakfast as breakfast is the important meal of the day.
  • Include important multi vitamins, minerals Vitamin C Omega fatty acid etc in your diet intake.
  • Be active all the day
  • For tight belly do simplE exercise.


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