Ghee Face Mask for Glowing Skin

Ghee facial mask for glowing skin

Ghee is rich in Vitamin   A, D, K2, E and anti-oxidants. Ghee is full of fatty acids that are absorbed directly and produced energy that’s why consuming small amount daily helps to lose your weight. Not only that it is also used as detoxifying your body. In the same way it also prevent diseases as ghee lowers the unhealthy cholesterol.Ghee facial mask for glowing skin

Recipe  for Facial Mask

Mix equal portion of ghee and milk and add (besan) gram flour till you get thick consistency. Apply this mask in your clean wash face for 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water. You will get incredibly soft, supple and glowing face. Apply this mask once or twice a week according to your skin type to get incredibly glowing skin. Is the best for dry skin to maintain healthy, soft and glowing skin.

After talking about the ghee facial mask, you should know the benefits of ghee. Some of the benefits are:

1: Glowing skin

Ghee locks the moistures in your skin and protect your skin from dryness. Hence is the good source of moisture and glowing agent.

2: Remove dark circle

Applying ghee in your under eye before going to bed daily removes the dark circle and make our eyes puffy free.

3: Cures chapped lips

Ghee is full of fatty acid so it locks moisture in lips and makes your lips soft and attractive.Ghee facial mask for glowing skin

4: Natural treatment for dry hair

Apply ghee in your hair for an 1 hour before shampooing your hair.  Apply  warm ghee in  the end of your hair  for no more breakage of split ends. After that shampoo your hair and you will get soft, moisture, Healthy and shiny hair.

5: Moisture skin

Ghee is the full source of fatty acid and locks moisture in your skin. Apply ghee in your whole body and wait for an hour and shower your body. Ghee will makes your skin soft, shiny and supple.

6: Treatment of dry skin

Ghee is the source of different Vitamins and fatty acid. Hence lock the moisture and cures the dry skin. Ghee is the good solution for dry skin.

7: Night cream

Apply ghee in your face in bed time and wash your face in next morning. You will get soft, smooth, supple, healthy and glowing skin. Ghee makes your skin incredibly glow, shine and soft just like the use of coconut oil and shea butter.


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